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Egress Windows

Egress windows are essential for providing a safe means of exit from buildings in case of emergencies. At Liberty Glass, we understand the importance of meeting local building and safety codes to ensure the safety of building occupants.

Meeting Safety Standards: Egress windows must meet specific size requirements mandated by local building codes. These requirements dictate the height, width, and overall square footage of the window to ensure it provides an easily accessible opening for escape or entry by firefighters.

Quality Assurance: Rest assured, our egress windows are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability. They meet all necessary certifications and standards to comply with building codes and ensure the safety of building occupants.

Download Egress Requirements (PDF)

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  • Frame depth 2″
  • Glazing options: prep for 1″ or 1/4″ glass, glazed from interior or exterior
  • Custom colors: Available upon request

Customization Options:

  • Choose from a range of customization options; including color and hardware choices
  • Customization options to match your building’s aesthetic and design preferences


  • Typically installed in basements, bedrooms, and other living spaces
  • Ideal for schools and apartment buildings
  • Anywhere occupants may need a means of escape in case of emergencies
  • Essential for meeting building codes and ensuring the safety of occupants