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Blast Impact Rated Windows

Blast-resistant glass is a critical component in protecting buildings and occupants from explosive forces or industrial accidents. At Liberty Glass, we offer blast-resistant windows designed to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining visual appeal and safety.

Key Features:

  • Visually similar to ordinary glass for aesthetic appeal
  • Specifically designed to protect against explosive forces
  • Tough plastic interlayer holds glass together after an impact
  • With Liberty’s 9200 series framing systems the glazing will be contained in the opening for enhanced protection

Compliance and Certification: Our blast-resistant windows meet Department of Defense (DOD) ratings and other relevant standards for blast resistance, ensuring maximum protection and safety.

Download the 9200 Series Brochure (PDF)

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Applications: Ideal for government buildings, military facilities, embassies, and high-security installations where blast protection is essential for safety and security.

Lead Times: Benefit from fast lead times for production and installation, ensuring quick turnaround for your projects.

DOD Test Data (PDF)