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Aluminum Awning Window

Our aluminum awning windows combine durability, energy efficiency, and modern design to enhance any architectural project. Available in clear anodized and dark bronze anodized finishes, as well as a custom architectural variety of colors with 100% Kynar baked finish, these windows offer versatility and style.

Key Features:

  • Durable construction with clear anodized and dark bronze anodized finishes
  • Custom architectural variety of colors available with 100% Kynar baked finish
  • Energy-efficient design to help reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Easy operation and maintenance for convenience


  • Enhanced durability and weather resistance
  • Modern aesthetics that complement various architectural styles
  • Improved ventilation and airflow while maintaining privacy and security

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  • Frame depth 2″
  • Glazing options: prep for 1″ or 1/4″ glass, glazed from interior or exterior
  • Custom colors: Available upon request

Customization Options:

  • Choose from a range of customization options; including size, color, and hardware choices
  • Create windows that meet your specific needs and preferences


  • Ideal for residential homes, commercial buildings, and institutional projects
  • Aluminum awning windows offer versatility and functionality in various settings